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Smart Vision Ireland

Ireland’s main supplier for the Android Mini PC


The Smart TV is the ultimate gadget over the past few years, with estimated sales to reach 54million units by the end of the year. But with the extremely large price tag it is turning out to be very unrealistic for most people including myself, this is where Smart Vision come in, offering the Android Mini PC at a fraction of the cost of a Smart TV. Which gives you 99% functionality of a Smart TV.

What is it

The Mini PC is a small USB like device that connects to any HDMI TV or Monitor via HDMI cable turning it instantly in to your very own Smart TV.

It Connects to the internet via WiFi, With most models boast at least a 1.5GHz dual core processor and 1GB of RAM making Facebook and streaming videos on YouTube a breeze, surfing the net from the comfort of your own home has never been easier.

The device runs on the Android OS and with such apps as “Microsoft Office Suite Pro” where you can create view, edit, print and share your office documents on the go, you can also create and display power point presentations which makes it ideal for business on the go.

So whether its for the kids or family at home or for your business or presentation on the go the Mini PC is the answer.

The Mini PC is The Smart People’s Choice


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